We integrate the tokens of our partners as collateral, and we share the revenues with our partners. Additionally, the partners receive SMARTCREDIT rewards on their borrowing/lending volume.
Here are our active partnerships:
Benefits to our partners
The goal of our partnerships is mutual long-term benefits.
We offer to our partners:
  • Listing partner tokens as collateral - partner token holders can borrow against these tokens
  • Partners are receiving 50% of our platform revenues on their users forever
  • Partners receive SMARTCREDIT reward tokens based on the volume they generate
  • Partners receive SMARTCREDIT referral tokens, when their users do first loans (this runs as a campaign as long as campaign funds are utilized)
We ask our partners
We ask our partners - to integrate our solution. Either
  • via our Borrow / Lend widgets OR
  • via our SDK
Pre-conditions for the token listing are:
  • Chainlink oracle is available OR
  • Uniswap V2 pool is available (for the Uniswap V2 oracle)