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Collateral Ratio

async collateralRatio()

Collateral Ratio will calculate the collateral percentage for the loan request that the user will want to create.
  • token:string – is the token you will get from the authentication
  • userRating:number – will be equal to 1
  • loanAmount:number – will be the amount the user wants to borrow
  • underlying:string – will be the symbol of asset that the user will want to borrow (ex: Ethereum – “ETH” ; Basic Authentication Token – “BAT”)
  • validity:date – will be the current date + 3 days toISOString().
  • loanTerm:number – will be the duration of the loan.
  • collateral:string – will be the symbol of collateral (ex: Basic Authentication Token – “BAT”).
const response = await this.newBorrowingService.getCollateral({
token, userRating: 1, loanAmount, underlying, validity,
loanTerm, collateral
This is an example of the successful response object of this function:
"status" : "Success",
"data" : {
"collateralRatio": 128.71