Borrower and Lender Bonus Rewards

Borrower's and lenders are receiving bonus rewards for the borrowing and lending. Cut off day is always Sunday, 12:00 UTC

​Borrower and lender weekly rewards are capped as follows:

The platform allocates every week 3,158 SMARTCREDIT tokens to borrowers and lenders as bonus rewards. Reward tokens are allocated every Sunday 12:00 UTC. Reward tokens can be claimed immediately via “My Rewards” in

Which parameters influence the weekly rewards?

Borrower and Lender bonus rewards in SMARTCREDIT tokens are allocated every week. If the borrower's loan or lender's deposit is less than seven days old, they will not receive rewards for the uncompleted week. However, they will receive the rewards in the following weeks. The bonus rewards per week are not fixed - the weekly rewards are variable.

The weekly SMARTCREDIT token rewards depend on several parameters:

  • How many other users are borrowing — if the total borrowing volume (open loans) is more than the previous week, then the weekly rewards APY is smaller than the previous week. And vice versa.

  • How many other users are lending — if the total lending volume (total deposits into FIFs without SMARTCREDIT token) is more than the previous week, then the weekly rewards APY is smaller than the previous week. And vice versa.

  • The cap on the borrower and lender rewards — the cap on the borrower rewards in USD is 10%–75% APY (based on open loans); the cap on the lender rewards is 10%–50% APY (based on total FIF deposits without SMARTCREDIT token)

  • The borrower/lender ratio on the platform — lenders will receive more returns if there are more borrowers. And vice versa.

  • The number of booster tokens - if there are booster tokens and rewards APY is below the cap, then booster tokens will be used to increase the weekly rewards APY till the cap

  • The price of SMARTCREDIT token - low volume on the platform and low SMARTCREDIT price means the users are getting more SMARTCREDIT token rewards. The high platform volume and SMARTCREDIT price mean that the users get fewer SMARTCREDIT token rewards.

Reward caps and booster tokens

If the weekly rewards exceed the defined cap, the tokens above the cap are allocated to the booster bucket. This will happen, for example, if the borrowed volume is small on the platform.

Booster tokens are allocated first to borrowers and then to lenders by the following algorithm:

  1. If the reward tokens exceed the cap in USD value, then the tokens above the cap will be moved into the booster bucket and paid out in the following weeks

  2. If the reward is below the gap in USD value, and there are enough booster tokens, then the cap will be filled with the booster tokens.

  3. Otherwise, the booster tokens will be added to the reward tokens (in this case, there is a too-small number of booster tokens available to fill the cap)

The formulas for the rewards calculation

If the platform has too many lenders, splitting the rewards between the borrowers and lenders by a 50:50 ratio is unfair. The same applies if there are too many borrowers and too few lenders.

Therefore, we introduce weekly automated rebalancing of the rewards by the following formulas:

Borrowers Reward = Weekly Rewards x BR / (BR + LR)

Lenders Reward = Weekly Rewards x LR / (BR + LR)


BR = (Lending Volume x 0.7) / Borrower Volume

LR = Borrower Volume / (Lending Volume x 0.7)

The result of these formulas is the following: If the borrowing volume is too low relative to the lending volume, the borrowers will earn relatively more SMARTCREDIT. And vice versa.

The system will recalculate the lending-to-borrower ratio every Sunday at 12:00 a.m. UTC.

The lending-to-borrower ratio and the weekly bonus rewards allocations for the borrowers and lenders are available in the dashboard. Some weeks, borrowers will receive more rewards; other weeks, lenders will receive more.

How to earn with

Here are some ideas about how to earn and use rewards:

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