Create FIF

async createFixedIncomeFund()

  • fundType:string - is the symbol of the asset you want to create the fixed income fund (ex: Ethereum – “ETH” ; Basic Authentication Token – “BAT”) + “_FIF

  • fixedIncomeFundRatio:array- equals to separation of bucket values. This means the fund distribution in 4 buckets. E.x. If you want Highest APY, 100% of fund allocation will be stored in 4th bucket, and it will look like this

    1. 0-10 Days0%

    2. 11-30 Days0%

    3. 31-90 Days0%

    4. 91-180 Days100%

  • userAddress:string- is the wallet address from you are trying to create a fixed income fund

const response = await this.LendingService.createFixedIncomeFund(

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