Liquidation Probability


To check if the loan is close to liquidation the parameters that need to be sent are:

  • token:string – is the token you will get from the authentication

  • loanId:string - is the id of that specific loan.

const response = await this.newBorrowingService.liquidationProbability(
    token, loanId

This is an example of the successful response object of this function:

"liquidationProbability": [
        "collateralNeeded": 229.1384
        "liquidationLimit": 117.98
        "liquidationProbability": 35.57

If the `liquidationProbability` will be bigger than 15, this will mean that the loan is close to liquidation.

To prevent the liquidation the user should increase the collateral of the loan. The amount that the user should deposit is 20% of the collateral required the first time.

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