Loan Request

After the user has already created a credit line for the loan request he wants to create, he will need to sign the loan request first before successfully creating the loan.

To manage more easily the loans data, it would be better to create an interface.

export interface LoanData {
    loanId: string;
    loanAmount: number;
    underlyingDecimalPlaces: number;
    collateralAmount: number;
    collateralDecimalPlaces: number;
    loanTerm: number;
    loanRate: number;
    loanFee: number;
    loanRequestValidity: string;
    underlyingSymbol: string;
    underlyingCurrency: string;
    collateralSymbol: string;
    collateralCurrency: string;
    userRating: number;
    borrowerAddress: string;
    type: string;
    creditLineAddress: string | undefined;
    signature: string | undefined;

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