Smart contracts are audited. AI-based Crypto Fraud Score is used for transaction monitoring. System design protects from hacking.

Following security mechanisms are used:

  1. contracts are audited.

  1. has no access to client funds:

  • has no access to the credit lines or to the fixed-income funds (except in case of liquidations, but client funds are then protected with the oracles).

  • The matching engine can only trigger asset flows between the credit lines and fixed-income funds.

  1. uses extensive AI technology for security:

  • AI-based Crypto Fraud Score is used for Continuous Transactions Monitoring to exclude the "bad addresses" from participating in the platform.

  • AI-based Crypto Trust Score is used automatically for credit scoring any borrower.

  1. is protected with the system design:

  • Most of Money-Market-Funds are exposed to flash loan attacks - the attacker can take a flash loan and modify in the same transaction the price of collateral, take a loan, and pay back the loan. This exposes Money-Market-Funds to a wide range of attacks.

  • is a fixed-term loan system. One cannot borrow and pay back the loan in the same transaction. Hence, one cannot use flash loans to attack the system. Which significantly reduces the potential attack vectors.

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