Release 1.2 - Credit Lines

Credit Lines, Staking, Rewards, Fiat support

Release 1.2.0

Release 1.2 - Credit Lines, Staking, Rewards, new Collaterals, and Fiat support - was launched in April 2022.

Several mini-Releases have been launched after Release 1.2.0. They are mainly focused on user feedback:

Release 1.2.1


  • Ledger ECDA signing issue fixed (user couldn't sign with Ledger ...)

  • TVL calculation breaks down if loan is not yet matched

  • Users can create multiple staking FIF's

  • Staking truncation issue with the decimals (if too many decimals, then error in staking creation)

  • FAQ migrated to Gitbook

  • Application links to the instead of the old FAQ

  • Withdraw ETH Collateral added to ETH Credit-Line

  • DeFiLlama integrated

Release 1.2.2


  • "Loan Repay" button to be disabled after liquidation started

  • Positions Monitoring System - send notifications to the linked telegram accounts about upcoming loan payment deadlines

Release 1.2.3


  • Liquidation flow improvements

  • Show "Total Staking Rewards" in the dashboard

  • Show "Lending Deposits" and "Borrowing Volume" on the dashboard

  • Adjust TVL calculation formula to DeFiLlama TVL calculation formula

  • Show collateral locked by the Credit Line

Release 1.2.4


  • Show how many FIF's are available for matching

  • Liquidation probability calculation update

  • Protection from the stablecoin de-peg

  • Fix URL's in the telegram bot messages

  • Add "Increase collateral" to any loan (previously only after 15% liquidation probability)

  • Show the liquidation ratio in the loan details

  • Repay button is available after the loan is repaid

Release 1.2.5


  • Dashboard loading speed much faster

  • Additional notifications enabled in Telegram bot (staking rewards, bonus rewards, loan matched, loan terminated, loan payment date getting close)

Release 1.2.6

Usability improvements:

  • Show cash back rewards APY direct in the dashboard

  • Show cash back rewards for a loan directly in the loan calculator

Release 1.2.7

Usability improvements:

  • Chat integrated to ask questions from the team

  • Usability improvements for the Credit Lines and Loan Calculator

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