Crypto Transactions Monitoring

Regulations mandate all Virtual Asset Service Providers to have Transactions Monitoring in Place

Transactions Monitoring is a standard requirement in traditional finance. All incoming and outgoing transactions go through Transactions Monitoring Systems, usually Artificial Intelligence-based systems.

Transactions Monitoring is mandated for the CeFi (Centralized Finance) companies too. However, as no tools are available, CeFI companies usually explain to the regulators that they can do only KYC and AML.

It's pretty possible that DeFI companies will be classified as Virtual Asset Service Providers in the future, and Transaction Monitoring requirements will apply to DeFi companies too.

Nevertheless, DeFI companies can also benefit from implementing real-time transaction monitoring to increase the security of their platforms. For example, has integrated AI-based Transactions Monitoring - every wallet connected to the application is automatically analyzed. If the fraud probability is high, then transactions are not enabled.

Transactions Monitoring requirements are covered with the AI-based Crypto Fraud Score API.

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