Revenue Model takes 0.5% fee from the loan volume. is not earning on the liquidations, like most of money-market-funds are. takes a 0.5% fee from the loan volume. This fee does not depend on the loan term; it’s always 0.5%. This platform fee is added to the borrower's interest payment.
Part of the borrower's interest payments is allocated to the Loss Provision Fund, which is guaranteed by the project. However, this does not count as revenue for the platform - these are loss provisions for unexpected events. This can be considered platform insurance too.
The lenders do not have any fees on the platform. They create FIF's and deposit funds. Lenders need to pay only gas for these transactions, and that's it. does not earn on borrowers’ liquidations. If liquidations are required, then the remaining funds are transferred back to the borrower’s credit line. The borrower can use these assets later (or withdraw these assets from his credit line). is paying gas for matching borrowers’ and lenders’ orders (matching is done between the credit lines and fixed-income funds). Most of this 0.5% fee is used to pay gas for Ethereum transactions or to cover the infrastructure costs.
Lenders, borrowers and integrators are earning SMARTCREDIT rewards on the platform. See details in the section "Staking and Rewards".
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