Use Cases

Paypolitan wallet (300k users) integrated Borrow/Lend SDK

Paypolitan wallet implemented with Borrow/Lend SDK:

  • Fixed-term, fixed-rate borrow functionality
  • Lending functionality
  • Paypolitan token (EPAN) was added as collateral into Paypolitan users can now borrow against EPAN collateral.

Benefits of the integration:

  • Paypolitan offered additional functionality to the users
  • Paypolitan increased the utility of the EPAN token

Monetary benefits to Paypolitan:

  • SMARTCREDIT Bonus tokens pro-rata, pro volume, based on Paypolitan user's borrow/lend transactions
  • Referral rewards of 25 SMARTCREDIT tokens per user when a user does the first loan of more than 1000 USD.
  • 50% of the revenues on their referred users forever

Further info