How does it work?

Borrowers define their collateralized credit lines. Lenders define their Fixed Income Funds. Platform will do matching between the requests and FIF's.
Borrowers and lenders keep their assets in self-custodial wallets. The platform has no access to the borrowers’ and lenders’ assets—only users have access to their own assets.
There are three components in the system:
  • Borrowers define their collateralized loan requests with credit lines.
  • Lenders define their fixed-income funds (FIF) and deposit the assets.
  • is a matching engine, which matches borrowers’ loan requests with lenders’ fixed-income funds.
The matching engine is run centrally (in the future, decentrally). The matching engine cannot access client assets, but can only trigger the matching of the borrowers’ credit lines and the lenders’ fixed-income funds.
Borrowers, Leners and Matching Engine
The interest payments accumulate into the FIF's. Which are then continuously matched with the new loan requests.
Tutorial videos: