Positions Monitoring System
SmartCredit.io has positions monitoring system, which will notify the borrowers if the liquidation's probability will increase
Practically in all borrowing/lending systems, the borrowers have to monitor their positions daily - either the borrowers need to add more collateral or to pay back parts of the loans. Additionally, some external systems have emerged, that monitor the borrower's positions. However, only a small part of the money-market-fund users is using these external systems. This means most borrowers have to do daily risk management themselves ...
SmartCredit.io addresses this situation differently:
  • The loans are created on the liquidation's probability of 5% (some advanced mathematics is there in the background)
  • Assuming a stable market - the liquidation's probability will sink with every day passed
  • In case of adverse market conditions - if the collateral value is declining - the system starts to notify the borrowers if liquidation probability increases to 15%
Borrowers will receive these notifications via telegram bot. Every borrower can subscribe to the SmartCredit.io bot via the "Profile" section.
And the key difference between our integrated monitoring system and others - everything is based on the probabilities. The information is prepared for the user, so that the user can decide:
  • ignore increased liquidation probability
  • Pay back parts of the loan
  • Increase collateral
More info about Liquidations.
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