Share your Trust Score to others users can share their own score to their business partners. That's an easy way to establish trust between the anons.

If you work with unknown persons, then it begins with establishing trust. I.e., whom to trust and whom not to trust? offers a way for this via AI-based Crypto Fraud Detector, which calculates the Trust Scores.

If you need to share your Trust Score or if to would like to receive the Trust Score of your partners, then proceed as follows:

  1. Connect your wallet with

  2. Copy your wallet address

  3. Paste your wallet address into the Crypto Fraud Score Check

  4. Calculate your score

  5. Press the Share button, copy the link, and share this link with your partners.

  6. Your partners can open this unique link and see your Score

You can calculate any wallet on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon in the Fraud Check screen. However, you can only share the results of your wallet, i.e., you cannot share the results of the wallets which do not belong to you.

Please note - scammers can pretend that they are owners of specific addresses. That's why we request to connect the wallets before the sharing - this extra step verifies that the user controls the wallet.

See a short demo here:

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