Use Cases

User Segmentation and Targeting

User Segmentation API does the ABC ranking for the wallets - usually, diverse wallets connect to the Dapps; however, the Dapp providers do not know which wallets have the best revenue potential.

Why is this important – because the higher ranking clients will generate the revenues. So, why not offer more benefits to higher-ranking clients?

For example, integrated the User Segmentation API and automatically ranked the connecting wallets. Higher-ranked wallets (clients) will get different marketing messages than lower-ranking clients - everything is based on the revenue potential of the clients.

See more about how integrated User Segmentation API at:

User Segmentation is available in the Enterprise Subscription (via

  • The primary usage is via the API (Enterprise Subscription provides you with the API key)

  • Secondary usage is possible via the user interface - see the demo here (the login wallet is connected with the Enterprise Account.

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